Below we present the information about how to proceed with personal data when using our website. If not mentioned otherwise in the chapters below, legal basis for the service of your personal data is based on the fact that such action is necessary in order to enable the required practicality of the website. (Art. 6(1)(b) of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Entering our website, your browser will move some of the data to our www server. It is done for technical' sake and necessary in order to share required information. In order to facilitate access to the website, data mentioned below is being gathered, used and stored for a short time:

    ID address

    date and time of the access

    viewed content (specific website)

    status of the access code/HTTP

    data volume transmitted

    website demanding access

    browser, language settings, version of the operation system and the browser

The website below is using so-called cookie files. Cookie files are small text files stored in the memory of your device through the browser. They store some information (such as preferred language or website settings) which your browser may (depending on the time the cookie file is stored) resend during the next visit on our website. We use optional cookie files only when given your prior permission.

Of course you can use our website without using any cookie files. It can lead to limitation of the practicality and have a adverse impact on handling ease of our websites, though.

Given rights are available according to the correct regulations about personal data protection:

    The right to information about personal data stored by us;

    The right to demand a correction, deleting or limiting personal data processing;

    The right to objection to processing because of our justified concernment;

    The right to move the data;

At any moment you can withhold your permission for gathering, processing and using your personal data. More information about it you can find in the chapters above which describe data processing basing on given permission.

The statement about privacy can be updated from time to time. Updates of the Statement about privacy will be published on our website. We recommend visiting the website regularly in order to be up to date about the possible updates.